Saturday, August 09, 2008

Homemade Hawaii Pizza

Went to bed at 00:30 lastnight with $%#@^& shouting (and mumbling) behind my back, remind me if it is weekend. And who care about that? I need rest. Wake up at 15:20 loaded with tons of energy.
Goshh...i sleep for 15 hours!!! Gotta find something to do. Baking? thats good idea.
I'm going to use my energy to knead the bread. Bread or bun? I'm afraid the bun will turn to be rock bun again, so i decide to make my "long forgotten" favorite junkfood., with a lots of sliced hotdog and cheese.
It's been few days ago, since i saw the recipe in my fav blog, Aunt Yo, and that moment i have no time and energy to do so. is the perfect day.

** My pizza crust is really much much better than pizzah** (or i've forgotten their taste?)


Judith said...

Nyaammmi banget home Pizzanya Fann ... kadang aku juga suka bikin tapi akhir2 ini dah males, hiks ..

Anonymous said...

Iya mba...males nunggu proofing time. keburu lapar hahaa


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