Saturday, August 02, 2008

Another Brownies With Cream Cheese

This time, the recipe come from Aunt Yochana.
I've tried few recipe of her and it always turned out to be great especially cake. Except the "easy made" swiss roll and peanut butter bun that turn to be disaster in my hand, i've tried the swiss roll for 5 times and it still ended up to be scrambled cake, while the bun turn out to be "rock" bun. I'm a learner who not afraid of fail :) Gotta try again other time.


Anonymous said...

Hi There

I came across your website thru' Aunty Yochana's blog. I love your brownies with cream cheese... so nice and yummy... I go crazy with anything made with chocolate.

Interesting blog and yet to try out recipes you have posted.


Anonymous said...

Hi Olivia, i'm big fan of aunty Yo, her baking skills inspires me so much. This brownies also from aunty Yo


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