Monday, August 11, 2008

Century Egg and Soft Tofu

Ever try century egg? Century egg also known as preserved egg or thousand year egg. It is Chinese cuisine ingredients made from chicken eggs or duck eggs. According to what i read about the eggs, they use mixture of clay, ash, salt and rice husk to preserve it.
Taiwanese serve it with cold soft tofu with spring onion, light mushroom sauce and sesame oil. Century egg also can be added in porridge. I love this porridge, it is amazingly delicious, despite the egg's smells.


Judith said...

Fanny ... hidanganmu unik2 amat ya, hi hi terus terang hidangan seperti ini aku kok belum tau sih. Enak ya Fann? ... *sori jadi crewet

Fanny Wijaya said...

Heheee....pertama makan telur itu muntah mba ada bau/rasa amonia/sulfur gitu. Tapi lama2 enak juga deh


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