Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fat and Fluffy Cinnamon Rolls

I never expect that my cinnamon rolls will be this fat . It was very small when i divide the dough. And i'm so surprised after the second proofing, it turned out to be giant!!! i should make it slimmer next time.

After second proofing

240 g high gluten flour
60 g all purpose flour
55 g sugar
10 g milk powder
7 g instant yeast
1/2 beaten egg
150 ml cold water
30 g butter
1 tsp salt

Fine sugar
Cinnamon powder
Chopped nut(optional)

-Mix all the dough ingredients (except butter) in the mixing bowl for 20 mins, add butter and continue beating in medium speed until it become smooth and pliable ( can be stretched and it transparent). Rest the dough for 1 hour until it double in size.
Punch down the dough and roll it into rectangle shape, spread butter on top and sprinkle the filling mixture. Roll like swiss roll and cut into small size, let it proof for another 45 mins. Brush with eggwash and bake at 190 for 10-15 mins


Pushpa said...

Hai, nice cinnamon roll. It looks soft and yummy. Does it stay soft the next day. My buns always turns hard the next day and I have to steam it. Thanks.

Fanny Wijaya said...

Hello Pushpa..i don't know, it didn't last till the next day.

Jenny said...

I really want to try your cinnamon roll recipe. My husband always talks about his Aunts giant, tall fluffy rolls. Mine always turn out short and a little thick in texture. I do not know how to use your recipe because of the ingredient measurements. Can you convert them to cups and teaspoon, tablespoon. In otherwords American measurements. Thank you

Fanny Wijaya said...

Hello Jenny, try to use grams-cups converter.


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