Monday, September 15, 2008

Red Bean Flaky Mooncake & 中秋节

中秋节快乐 - happy mid-autum festival for all who celebrate it!!! (it is late, this should be yesterday's entry)
Here is my first mooncake ever, everyone posted their best and cute variation of mooncakes, and this is the best i can do(look at my terrible shaping skill hahaa...). Thanks to aunt Yo again for the recipe.
I am so tempted to make those beautiful mooncakes too, but dunno where to get the ingredients. Poor me...
We (and no one in Taiwan, i guess) don't light up those beautiful lantern and BBQ on the rooftop like last years, due to terrible typhoon and pouring rain outside. A girl was blown away by the typhoon, while another 2 or 3 cars fell down into the river while they drive over the bridge and the bridge collapsed. Till now, nobody knows their fate. Feels so sorry to them and all the typhoon's victims.

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