Thursday, March 05, 2009

Steamed Smiling Cake (Bolu Kukus)

Few months ago, i joined this group and for this past few days, everyone was talking about this smiling steamed cake. I get hooked, curious and challenged by reading their post. In the end, i push myself to try to make this cake, though i'm not a big fan of steamed cake.
It took me 6 times to make the cake smile beautifully. Yeah, 6 TIMES, with 5 fails and 1 success. I wasted countless eggs, sugar, milk, flour and my precious energy and time. Everything went to the trash.
This cake is similar to chinese fa gau, only different in taste and texture, it has smoother and softer texture compared to fa gau which is made from rice flour. And this smiling cake also suitable for vegetarian.
So, here is the recipe, adapted from Vania modified by me.

2 egg white
4 egg yolk
240 g caster sugar
250 g all purpose flour
175 ml fresh milk
Few drops of pandan essence/any food colouring

- Heat up steamer and muffin tin(lined with paper cup) for 10 minutes. Beat egg and sugar at high speed until white and fluffy, add milk stir well. Fold in flour and stir until well mixed. Reserve a cup of the batter and add pandan essence. Spoon the plain batter into lined muffin tin topped with 2 tsp green batter.
Steam at HIGH heat for 17-20 minutes. DO NOT open the steamer in first 10 minutes, otherwise it will not smile at all.

** From my(6 times) experience, cake emulsifier(ovalette) is not required as long as you can beat egg and sugar until thick and fluffy.


Small Small Baker said...

Wow, 6 times! You are very patient. I'm sure I will give up. Very pretty cakes! :)

Anonymous said...

Hahaa...big dummy like me need to be patient. Thank you SSB.

Judith said...

Fann bolkusnya nggak dikasih minuman bersoda? atau sprite gitu..

Kadang aku sebel kalo bikin bolkus nggak selalu mekar :( makanya aku bikin kue2 kukus lainnya aja, he hee.. yang nggak perlu mekrok2 kayak bolkus tapi ngembang :D

Penampilan Bolkusnya cakep. Good luck Fanny ..

Anonymous said...

Makasih mba, ngga pake air soda kok, cuma itu aja bahan2nya.


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