Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Black Glutinous Rice Cake

Like i said before, i'm not a big fan of steamed cake, but when it comes to leftover thingy, then i really have no choice.
I've been keep this leftover homemade black glutinous rice powder (from making this cookies) for about 4 months. Luckily it still fresh and fragrant, since it placed in the fridge. Never imagined before, that glutinous rice powder can be used for cake, until i found this recipe. I was quite sure that the cake will turned out hard and sticky. I'm so surprised when i opened my steamer, the cake rise beautifully, it has dark purpelish color and the combination of coconut milk - black glutinous rice powder smell heavenly.

Recipe for steamed black glutinous rice cake.
Source: NCC

Ingredients :
6 eggs
200 gr sugar
350 gr black glutinous rice powder
150 ml corn oil
200 ml coconut milk
1 tsp ovalette/cake emulsifier
¼ tsp salt

- Beat egg, sugar, salt and ovalette until white and fluffy, fold in black glutinous rice flour and stir lightly. Add corn oil and coconut milk, stir until well mixed. Pour the batter to 2 loaf pan and steam for 40 minutes( i halved the recipe and steam for 35 minutes)


Small Small Baker said...

Hi Fanny, I see that you just changed to a new blog layout. Very nice! Keep the posts coming. :)

Anonymous said...

Hahaa..yes i changed it yesterday. My previous template is too dark. Thank you SSB :)

Judith said...

Faannyyy .. keren Blogmu :) punya kesan tersendiri,cantik. Dah lama aku pingin ganti template tapi masih ragu2 dan belum ada waktu ngotak atik :D

Cake beras ketan item ini aku pernah sekali nyoba, enak tapi rada njlimet bikinnya, maunya sih nyomot punyamu aja deh Fann :D enak niihh he hee..

Met wiken Fann :)

Anonymous said...

Iya mba silahkan di comot, ingin ganti template dari dulu2 sich, tapi ya gada waktu utak atik hehee. Happy Sunday to you too

Joyce said...

Hi Fanny,

Can I check with you how to make black glutinous rice flour?


Anonymous said...

Hello Joyce,
I use my Vitamix(high performance blender) to make glutinous rice flour. Just throw the rice in, pulse on high, on-off repeatedly, for about 8-10 minutes.

devan said...


Did the cake turn out to be sticky?


Anonymous said...

Hi Devan,
No, the cake turn out to be soft, just like common steamed cake. Not sticky at all.

devan said...

Hi Fanny,

I tried this last weekend and it taste good. Being a durian lover, I actually add in abt 100g durian paste to enhance it taste.



Anonymous said...

Wow, that's creative idea, adding durian paste. I'll try it next time.



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