Thursday, February 05, 2009

Lapis Surabaya's been 3 long weeks since my last post. I was in blue mood for entering my kitchen after big long feast of Chinese new year. And today, i bake this cake for the sake of new post. Lapis literally mean layer and Surabaya is one of the big city in Indonesia and it is my hometown. So, lapis surabaya will be layered Surabayanese cake in English :)
The chocolate layer turned to be dense caused by over mixing. However, it tasted great and my kitchen smell heavenly while it baking in the oven.
Recipe adapted from aunty Yochana

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Judith said...

Fan.. pakabar ... minggu lalu aku juga bikin cake lapis surabaya, pesenan temenku yang ngerayain ultah, dah aku foto tapi belum sempet update.. masih repot Fann :)

Minggu depan ada orderan lagi cake2 lainnya. Coba kita tetanggaan ya, bisa tulung menulung he he!

Havea nice day Fann, met beraktivitas ya..


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