Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Vanilla Swiss Roll

Finally!!!! after 7-8 attempts, here come the result. Yes, this is my very first success swiss roll, the rest went to the garbage bin. I was jumping up and down in my kitchen till sister call me seng cing ping hahaa...
Recipe come from Aunty Yochana It called for ovalette/cake stabilizer, but i omit it since i run out of stock, it still turn out beautifully and best of all, this recipe did not require folding method which to me is kinda dreading job.
Yipeee.... i can make Christmas log for this coming Christmas.


Small Small Baker said...

Wow, it's so beautiful! How did u do it so perfectly? :)

Fanny Wijaya said...

Hello SSB, i just follow aunty Yochana's instruction closely, thats all. Also read all the comments.

Judith said...

Hai Fann, aku pernah mampir di blog nya Yohanna ... ck kc ck .. dia jago banget ya bikin kue2 dari lapis sampe gulung :)

Semangat terus ya Fann ..


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