Thursday, April 23, 2009

Beef Rendang

Most people say, cooking rendang is kinda wasting time and that also my main reason for never making rendang on my own. I hate stay in my tiny kitchen for more than 20 minutes and i hate to leave my kitchen when my stove is on. I almost burn the whole apartment once, and it really remind me to be more careful when leaving kitchen with fire on.
In the end, i decide to use pressure cooker to make this rendang. It still tastes as good as the stewing version. It took 1 hour to be done, 45 minutes in pressure cooker plus 15 minutes simmering to dry off the gravy.
Recipe adapted from NCC and of course with little modification to suit my ingredient's availability


Unknown said...

wow that looks like gaeng Nuea Wua from Sout Thailand (แกงเนื้อวัว).
When i am with my muslim friends at home on Koh Lanta we eat that a lot.. i really like it.. i suppose they got it from Indonesia originally.. South Thai food has a lot of Cumin in it.. the Bangkok people can't eat it with Cumin .. which is good because it means i get to eat it all!

Anonymous said...

I never tasted Nuea Wua, or maybe you will post it in your blog? so i can try it. Indonesian and Thai cuisines are very similar


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