Thursday, June 12, 2008

Spicy Eggplant - Balado Terong

I've search the web for balado terong recipe, but every person write the different recipe and i got confused which one to use. In the end, i phoned my mom and asking for the recipe. I remember she used to cook sambal terong, long time ago and she told me that both of sambal or balado terong not much different. And here is her version, it really yummyyylicious


2 purple long eggplant
3 cloves garlic
5 cloves shallot
10 small red chili
2 big red chili
1 tbsp dried shrimp
1 ripe tomato
3 lime leaves
sugar and salt as u need

- Cut eggplant into long strips and then deep fry until soft, drain the excess oil.
Grind all the ingredients, except lime leaves. Heat 1 tbsp oil and saute the ingredients for 1 min, add a cup of water and lime leaves. Continue cooking until gravy almost dry, add eggplant and season with salt and sugar

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