Sunday, October 12, 2008

Milky Meat Floss Bun

With my magic wand, hokkaido milk loaf turned to be meat floss bun. I made these buns for a friend who just gave birth to a super cute baby boy. Congratz Vv.
Loaf's recipe adapted from Florence, while the filling, i use mixture of meat floss+chopped dried seaweed+toasted white sesame seed. Vv said, the buns remain soft after 2 days


Judith said...

Fanny ... itu abon ya? aku suka banget Fann roti isi abon :D enak dan bikin kenyang. Sorry Fann bahasa inggrisku little2 Jackie,makanya kadang nggak semua boso linggis kumengerti :(

Anonymous said...

Iya mba itu abon, rotinya pakai resep hokkaido milk loaf itu di sulap jd bun deh. Hahaa...little little no what what mba...sama aku juga kok.


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