Sunday, October 05, 2008

Layered Cake

My 1st attempt of making layered cake which contain lots of egg yolk. The layers are messy and doesn't seem stick to each other properly. I should get layered cake presser perhaps(which i dunno how it looks).
I went to my laptop when baking the second layer and i've forgotten that i have something to watch in my oven, till my fire alarm screaming loudly, telling me that my cake is BURN. Goshh...i almost burn the whole kitchen and the whole apartment.
For instruction and recipe click here. I do skip the crystalized pineapple and pineapple essence since i dunno where to buy it and substitute the red coloring with pandan essence instead.


Judith said...

Naaahh .. cake njlimet ini aku suka bikin Fann karena enaknya nyam nyam banget,tooop dweehh ..

Anonymous said...

Iya mba..njlimet nya really worth deh


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